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What sort of decisions might we make and why?

If we go back to our example of the milk supply chain, we can identify the following decision-making needs:

  • Consumers might wish to adjust their diet in line with a healthier lifestyle
  • Local shops and supermarkets wish to maximise profits, minimise waste, ensure they have enough of the correct products at the time they are wanted
  • Bottling plants and distribution centres wish to predict throughput to ensure efficient use of staff and equipment, predict overtime requirements, plan maintenance etc
  • Farms have long and short term strategies to consider, purchase and sale of livestock or land, investing in new equipment

Different decision-making processes make use of data and knowledge in different ways.

Short Course 3, ‘Exploring AI Decision-making and How it Can Add Value’, will explore the different decision-making processes in more detail.

Your task

Think of daily decision: what data is required, on what basis do you make the decision and why do you make it? How does the reason for making the decision affect the data required?

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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies for Business Planning and Decision-making

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