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Useful language

In the last activity we looked at personal statements and the kinds of things they should cover. Personal statements are also a good way to demonstrate your language skills and show that you can explain yourself clearly and concisely in written English. All personal statements should be specific to you and your situation, but there are some useful phrases you can use to explain yourself.

Here are some useful phrases which you can use in your statement

Describing your background

Growing up in ______ has given me an insight into______
Growing up in ______ has given me invaluable experience in ______

Describing academic achievement

Completing my exams at school/college has helped me to develop ____
My experience studying _______ developed my knowledge of ______


In the future I hope to _____
On completing my studies I would love to _____


I have always been enthusiastic about _____
I am a strong ______

Giving reasons

As a result of ____, ________
Owing to ____, _________

Task: Write your own examples using the phrases above and share them in the comments.

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