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Checking your English level

We usually describe levels of English in terms of ‘CEFR’ levels. This video explain the levels.

Take this quick test to find out what your current English language level is.

The result explains to you the kind of test you are ready for and what your English language CEFR level is. CEFR levels are:

A1- basic user

A2- basic user

B1- intermediate user

B2- intermediate user

C1- proficient user

C2- proficient user

The level of English that you need to go to university in the UK depends on the course and the university you applying for. You may be asked for level B2 or above for some courses, but for others you might need C1 or above. To find out what level you need, look again at the university website and find the entry requirements for the course you are applying for.

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