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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds It is time for me to say goodbye. I really enjoyed this course. I want to congratulate you on what you have achieved during the last three weeks. As you may have realised, the immune system is complex, and the mechanisms of allergies are intricate. We understand many aspects today, since researchers before us were able to explain them. However, there are many questions we are not yet able to fully answer.

Skip to 0 minutes and 44 seconds Thank you for your lively participation, your comments, and for choosing this course. I hope I could convey to you some of the aspects why I find this topic not only relevant, but also fascinating. See you another time, maybe even here in Basel.


In this last step Andreas J. Bircher thanks you for your interest and the work you put into this course.

Congratulations on having finished the course ‘Allergies: When the Immune System Backfires’! In the last three weeks you have plunged into the world of allergies, where you have – among many other things – not only learned about the history of the immune system and vaccinations, but also about different types and classifications of allergies as well as therapeutic approaches.

Professor Andreas J. Bircher hopes that it has helped you to explore aspects of the immune system and to grasp allergy as a topic that is relevant and fascinating at the same time.

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Allergies: When the Immune System Backfires

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