Skip to 0 minutes and 1 secondThis one? A snake? Sss. Ssssss. Asha and Lan are sisters. They have a very loving and close relationship. They live in a small village in the country of Valodystan with their parents, Anna and Daniel. Asha is 11-years-old. And Lan is just six. Asha goes to the village school. But because Lan has a disability she is not accepted there. So Asha is teaching Lan to read. What animal is this? A tiger. Daniel works on the family's small plot of land, and takes the crops he manages to grow to sell in the market in the nearest town. I'm just worried that we might not have enough money for Lan's medicine. I understand. I understand.

Skip to 0 minutes and 52 secondsHe is worried, as there has been no rain for many months now and that is really affecting his crops. Anna sews pieces of material together to make bags that Daniel then takes to the local market to sell. The money that Daniel gets when he sells the food he grows and the bags Anna sews is the only income the family has. Is that too tight? Asha and Lan love spending time together. Asha takes great care of her younger sister and feels very protective towards her. They are a close family but they do have financial worries and don't always quite know what the future will bring.

Watch Asha and Lan's Story: 'Introducing the Family'

Here we are introduced to the fictional scenario running throughout ‘Getting Care Right for All Children: Implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children’. Throughout the next six weeks, through this film we will examine some of the ideas in the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and topics we will be studying during this course.

This week we will be introduced to a family living in a village in a rural area of a country we have called “Valodystan”. The parents are Ana and Daniel and their two daughters are called Asha and Lan.

In the next step, there will be a discussion where you will be asked to share your thoughts on the story. We will ask you to post your opinions and ideas about Asha and Lan and the situation the family find themselves in.

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