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Welcome to the BSAC Antifungal Stewardship e-learning course!

Although new and safer antifungals are available today, the list is still limited and their misuse can have a negative impact on patient outcomes in addition to the significant financial burden on healthcare systems around the world, such as the NHS in the UK.

Antifungal resistance is an increasing problem which cannot be ignored anymore.

Antifungal stewardship shares the aims and uses the same approaches with antimicrobial stewardship but it has its special features and challenges.

Over the next three weeks we will tackle these one by one and the objective is that at the completion of this course you will have a good basic understanding of fungal infections, their diagnostic approaches, antifungals, therapeutic drug monitoring, antifungal resistance as well as the main guidelines. Using the knowledge and the tools provided we will work through three common scenarios.

This first week will focus on providing you an overview of fungal infections and how they are diagnosed.

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Some of the images used in the course to show different types of fungal infections are graphic and may disturb some learners.

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The Role of Antifungal Stewardship