Case Overview- Invasive Aspergilliosis

We have discussed a case of Barbara Bell, a 62-year old woman undergoing chemotherapy for AML. Fever, cough and breathlessness were her presenting symptoms.

The differential diagnosis at the time of presentation were broad, but many agree with the medical team’s approach. She was treated for neutropenic sepsis initially but in the absence of improvement alternative diagnoses had to be considered.

The risk factors for invasive aspergillosis were considered as it is a major cause of mortality in patients with haematological malignancy. However, it is important to note that the risk factors go beyond haemalotogical oncology – even otherwise immunocompetent patients can contract this on the ICU.

Having been introduced to the diagnostics available, it becomes apparent that similar diagnostic options and challenges are present as with Case 2.

Next week, we will see this lady again.

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