Aspergillus flavus under microscope
Aspergillus Mold

Welcome to Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the course. So far, we have been introduced to some basic principles of fungal pathology, diagnostics and treatment.

Three clinical cases have illustrated some shapes which fungal disease can take. Many of you will have noticed the challenges these conditions can present.

Week 3 will put what you have learned so far into test and you will be able to practise your new Antifungal Stewardship skills . What can be done to reduce unnecessary and sometimes harmful antifungal treatment? What roadblocks may prevent this? Are there any real-world examples of successful stewardship?

This week, the aim will be to answer these questions and more.

Aspergillus growing on rice grains, some grains have a darker appearance on one end Above, Aspergillus growing on rice grains

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