Skip to 0 minutes and 7 secondsNow that we have dealt with the problem, which is anti-microbial resistance, it is time to talk about the globally accepted solution. Anti-microbial stewardship is a form of programme designed to help slow down the rate of anti-microbial resistance. In the next week, we will be talking about the principles of anti-microbial use and stewardship and available tools. We will be able to recognise the importance of the clinical microbiology laboratory in stewardship and the reality that we cannot separate anti-microbial stewardship from optimal infection prevention and control.

Welcome to Week 2

Professor Oyinola Oduyebu welcomes you to Week 2 of this course and explains what the focus of the week will be.

In the first week we were introduced to the problem of AMR, this week we explore the solutions.

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