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Coming up: species-specific case studies

Over the rest of this week and the start of week 3, you will be presented with a series of case studies across different species disciplines, including production animals, companion animals, equine and exotics animals.

The discipline will be clearly identified in the activity title so that you can start with the case studies that are most relevant to your main area of work.

We think that there are important key learning points to take from each step, so regardless of your discipline, we would really encourage you to engage with all the case studies, read the summary and mark the step as complete!

Think about the following questions while you work your way through these cases:

  • How would this be managed at your practice?
  • Would you have approached the case differently before and after this course?
  • What can you take from the case study that would be useful to implement in your practice?

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As always, we love hearing from you, so please remember to comment on each step with your thoughts, and your answers to any questions asked!

At the end of the case studies, you will hear from a human medical practitioner, and you’ll be given the opportunity to discuss how you can take what he said about human medicine into veterinary medicine. From this point onwards, the content is not species related, so please pay close attention to every step!

Enjoy the case studies!

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