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End of course!

Congratulations on completing week 3! You have now completed the antimicrobial stewardship in veterinary practice course!

We hope you have gathered some ideas that you can take back to your own practice to improve your own antimicrobial use. Step 3.11 focused on human medicine rather than veterinary medicine. You were given the opportunity to discuss what could be taken from Neil Powell’s account of AMS in human medicine that would be useful when applied to animals. If you haven’t already, go back to this step and share your thoughts!

The course ended considering ways of motivating lasting change within clients and transforming antimicrobial use amongst your practice. Try implementing some of these ideas in your local context, and regularly review and monitor your progress.

We hope that you are now much more informed on AMS in veterinary practice. You have a responsibility in ensuring the responsible use of antibiotics, so please remember how important it is to take ownership of this. Little changes can make a huge difference.

Thank you for completing this course! We hope it will help you to become a better steward of antimicrobials in the future!

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