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Professor Dilip Nathwani
Professor Dilip Nathwani

Professor Nathwani responds to your comments and questions

Learning through this online course is a social activity and we hope you will share and discuss your ideas and comments by using the discussion steps. Also you can join in conversations on our Facebook group and on Twitter by including the #AbxSteward hashtag in your tweets.

We hope you will develop “communities of practice” in your local area and spread good practice about antimicrobial stewardship by starting conversations with your colleagues to stimulate their interest in this important topic.

At the end of this week Professor Nathwani will respond to comments posted in this step in a recorded video. This video will be added on Friday 2 October and you’ll be able to watch it on Step 1.25.

Post your questions and comments for Professor Nathwani below.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship: Managing Antibiotic Resistance

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