A shot of part of the observation chart
Observation Chart

Prescribing for the scenario

So far we have recognised that crisis management is not an optimal approach to antibiotic stewardship and identified the missed warning signs from the scenario. We have also defined antibiotic stewardship.

We will now begin to consider who needs to be involved if antimicrobial stewardship is to be embedded in clinical and organisational practice and become a routine and multidisciplinary activity.

As a first step, imagine you are working on the ward in the scenario during Bill and Fred’s initial admission. During a ward round you see another patient, John (not shown in the video), who was admitted 5 days prior with urinary retention. John is feeling unwell today and is “shivery”.

Look at the observation chart provided in the “download” section below.

A decision will be made to prescribe an antibiotic for John.

If an antibiotic were to be prescribed for John in your organisation, consider the following questions and post your comments below:

  • Do you have an antibiotic guideline in place to cover this scenario in your organisation and, if so, what does it recommend for John?
  • Do you agree with this recommendation?
  • If not, what do you think should be recommended for this scenario?

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