Methodology and course structure

Week 1 - What is Antisemitism? Definitions and Origins

Week 2 - The Changing Face of Antisemitism

Week 3 - Genocidal Antisemitism: From World War I to the Holocaust

Week 4 – Contemporary Antisemitism: Far Right, Far Left, Holocaust Denial and Anti-Zionism

Week 5 - The Islamic and Arab world

Week 6 - Addressing Antisemitism

How did we proceed in creating the course: Antisemitism: From its Origins to the Present?

This is the second online course developed by Yad Vashem to date. In 2015 a course titled: ”The Holocaust: An Introduction” was launched. Dedicated solely to the topic of the Holocaust, it has attracted over 90,000 learners thus far. Following this success, and in response to demands from educators worldwide, Yad Vashem’s new online course moves to the wider subject of antisemitism throughout the ages. It attempts to unravel the major complexities associated with antisemitism, providing its learners with tools to better understand and identify this phenomenon, both in the past and in the present. It also discusses how not all forms of criticism or hostility involving Jews should necessarily be defined as antisemitism or antisemitic, and how these terms should be applied with caution.

Since the phenomenon of antisemitism has a very long and layered history, involving different cultures, ideologies, societies, and time periods, we have enlisted the guidance and expertise of 50 leading researchers and public figures from all over the world; historians, sociologists, linguists, philosophers, and political scientists, as well as policy makers, and religious leaders. In consultation with leading specialists in the field, the course team has composed a special script for the course presenter which supplies the learners with the historical and conceptual background necessary to better understand the short video lectures delivered by the researchers and public figures.

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