Skip to 0 minutes and 12 secondsAre you using Facebook and Twitter? How about a Fitbit? Do you know how much data you're sharing on the web through social media platforms, your mobile phone, and other devices? In this course, we'll look at how you and everyone else contributes to so-called big data. We'll examine what's behind the term big data, where all the data is coming from, and how it can be analysed. It turns out that even though there is lots of data floating around now, analysing it comes with quite a few challenges. We'll look at these challenges and the different steps involved in the data analytics cycle. To close Week 1, we'll look at social media data, which you'll find contributes a large amount to big data.

Skip to 0 minutes and 52 secondsIn Week 2, we discover some interesting applications of big data analytics across a variety of industries. For example, we'll see how it is used by businesses to improve the products and services for customers and by health providers to interact with their patients. Finally, we'll look at the recent launch of the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe and how it has affected people all around the world. So let's get started.

Welcome to the course

This course will help you to gain insight into the fast-growing field of big data analytics.

This week, we’ll begin our journey together with an introduction to big data - where big data comes from and the challenges it presents. We’ll also look at the data analytics cycle, with a focus on data visualisation and interpretation. Finally, we’ll investigate big data in relation to social media.

In Week 2, join us again, as we discuss the opportunities, challenges and the future of applying big data analytics across a variety of industries.

Meet the team

Your lead educator, Dr Sebastian Binnewies

Join educator, Sebastian - a researcher and teacher from Griffith University - as you learn more about applied big data analytics.

Dr Sebastian Binnewies

I am a faculty member in the School of Information and Communication Technology at Griffith University. I joined Griffith after completing my PhD in the area of Artificial Intelligence. My research interests include data mining, learning analytics, and knowledge representation. I am passionate about online teaching and aim to provide you with a great learning experience in this course.

The team behind the course

Staff from across Griffith University and the wider community have been involved in developing this course. Here are some of those who were involved.

  • Centre for Coastal Management:
    • Dr Serena Lee
    • Dan Ware
  • Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management:
    • Associate Professor Kevin Filo
    • Dr Charmaine Fleming
  • Office of the PVC (Business):
    • Danielle Logan
  • Heather Reid, Former Capital Football CEO
  • Department of Marketing:
    • Dr Timo Dietrich
  • School of Information and Communication Technology:
    • Dr Henry Nguyen

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Your task

Watch the welcome video to find out what we’ll cover in this course.

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