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360 Video on Hospitals Consulting Room

Continue with VR example for doctor, we record an example of 360 video on the medical room while the doctor using VR application on healthcare from Wanfang hospital explained cancer information to the patients.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

In the video, you can operate your mouse to check on the room setting. 360 video has the potentail to show viewers details about environment. How do you think about using AR/VR in medical education? Have you ever used AR/VR in a hospital scenario? How can hospital, doctor or patient can benefit from using this technique in the clinical experience?

If you are especially interested in 360 video, here is a tutorial teaching you on how to use google cardboard and setup. How To Use Google Cardboard to Watch 360 Video on Smart Phones In order ro experience 360 video on your iphone, you will need a cardboard first. You can download the app to your mobile and watch any 360 video for real experience. Cardboard app for Android. / Cardboard app for iOS

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