Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsHi guys I now welcome you to this new course on Artificial Intelligence for healthcare. And before going to the details of this course, I would like to tag my previous learner to help taken some of my MOOCs that is like IOT for Aging, Active Aging. and what to say... Social Media in Healthcare and one more, course, technology for cancer management. So this is the new course on burning topic

Skip to 0 minutes and 44 secondsand how we can use artificial intelligence in health care: opportunities and challenges. In this course, this course consists of four weeks, and each week is the topic which you will see on your screen

Skip to 0 minutes and 59 secondsthat is: Why do we need Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare? To begin with. And then we talk about Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare And also about Challenges of implementing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. And at the end, the forth week will be very interesting talk on Are we towards dehumanizing healthcare? So everything computer is doing then what is the worth of human being and health care providers? So I hope you enjoy this course and learning a lot on emerging technologies and real user of artificial intelligence. Added today, I would really recommend and request each and every viewer to... act to participate in the course.

Skip to 1 minute and 51 secondsBecause that is the whole point of our MOOCs so that you give your feedback, you give us what you think about the video which you are viewing and please participate with your colleges and on the discussion on the topic of the video which you are watching. And after saying that I am very glad to say I have a group of educators in this course. These people are really well-known in the field of artificial intelligence Few are even authors of hm... what recently published on what to say article in the Nature Medicine. And there are professors from Taiwan, from MIT, Boston, United States and from Singapore and also from Apollo hospital India.

Skip to 2 minutes and 46 secondsSo, I hope that you will like the course that you will learn. And once again, I request you to complete all your activities every week and please stick to the time table and finish your activities every week. And please do comment, and what to say.. discuss the topic with your colleges. Thank you for watching this video. And we will start our course from the next video. Thank you.

Welcome to the course

I am Dr. Shabbir Syed-Abdul. Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a rainbow of algorithms for application in healthcare. AI in healthcare can help healthcare professionals right from diagnosis, prediction, decision making, disease progression, and prognosis. This video will give you a brief introduction to the course content and guide you to further steps.

I would encourage all learners to help make the course interactive! Please introduce yourself in the comment section below, and join in the discussion for different topics. Don’t forget to click on “Mark as read” at the end of each step. Feel free to post queries if any, in the discussion section. Let’s get started.

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