Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsWelcome to the first week of the course where we will explore what AI is and introduce you to its potential impact to healthcare. Throughout this course, you'll be asked your opinion on what this digital transformation in healthcare means to you, and give you the opportunity to exchange thoughts and learn from each other. We have split this week into three areas. Firstly, we will start by explaining some key concepts of AI to introduce you to the topic. We then explore ways in which this could impact your own area and start the dialogue to exchange views.

Skip to 0 minutes and 39 secondsFinally, we will go into more detail on the national digital transformation strategy of the NHS, and cover some current uses of AI and explore the pros and cons of the fourth Industrial Revolution. We really hope you enjoy this first week and look forward to building the conversation on how AI can truly benefit health and social care.

Welcome to Week One

In this video, Patrick Mitchell, Director of Innovation and Transformation at Health Education England, introduces week one.

This week will cover some key concepts of AI, look at the UK digital transformation strategy for the NHS and explore the potential of AI - its pros and cons - to see how it could support the aims of the strategy.

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AI for Healthcare: Equipping the Workforce for Digital Transformation

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