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Welcome to this course

Welcome to this course. This course incorporates the application of AI studies in 4 different areas. Intelligent systems, AI in medical health, deep learning algorithm and AI in fisheries management.

Please meet our educator first:

Assistant Professor Peng, Syu-Jyun

Syu-Jyun Peng Professional Master Program in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University Profile and Background

Assistant Professor Chen, Ying-Jen

Chen, Ying-Jen Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taipei University Profile and Background

Assistant Professor Lai, Kuan-Ting

Lai, Kuan-Ting The Department of Electronic Engineering at National Taipei University of technology Profile and Background

Assistant Professor Wu, Chun-I

Wu, Chun-I Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, Director Division of Registration and Curriculum, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan Profile and Background

In this course, each topic includes a specific idea of how AI influence that area for the future. In the first topic, intelligent systems, and their applications. Fuzzy systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, and particle swarm optimization will be discussed. In the second topic, AI in autonomous vehicles and drones are coming and will change our life inevitably. Demonstration of how to train a self-flying drone with Virtual Reality will be shown. Third, AI and Ocean: the journey of sustainable fisheries. How AI can help keep ocean fisheries sustainable. Finally, Artificial intelligence image analytics of neurological disorders with MRI, the professor introduces the method of using machine learning to find clinical data patterns for the forecasting models.

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Applications of AI Technology

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