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Summary and extended reading

In this last week of the course, you should have learned the following main points:

  1. Practice is an essential element of successful Asian maths teaching methods.

  2. Effective principles have to be supported by strong structures for professional development.

  3. In countries such as China, Singapore and Japan, teachers rely on the support of CPD.


Some useful reading for this week is:

Week 4

Fan, L., Miao, Z., & Mok, I. A. C. (2014). How Chinese teachers teach mathematics and pursue professional development: perspectives from contemporary international research. In Fan, L., Wong, N-Y., Cai, J., & Li, S. (Eds.), How Chinese teach mathematics: Perspectives from insiders (pp. 43-70). Singapore: World Scientific

Kho, T. H., Yeo, S. M., & Lim, J. (2009). The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics. Singapore: EPB Pan Pacific.

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