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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds So, it will be a good idea to try some of these out and see how your learners respond. Remember, it’s more than getting questions right or wrong. Hinge point questions reveal and highlight the reason behind answers, and it’s this that will inform you where to go next with the learning. What do you need to do next to move those learners forward? This may also be a good point for you to return to your reflection grid, and use it this time to think about the design and use of hinge point questions.

Concluding Week 3 of the course

In this short video Chris encourages you to:

  • Try out some hinge-point questions with your students.
  • Complete your reflection grid for this week and use it to help you think about the design and use of hinge-point questions. The reflection grid was introduced in week 1.

We hope you have enjoyed the third week of the course. Remember that we have a question and answer (Q&A) opportunity in the course. Use this to address any outstanding issues you have.

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