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Using Padlet to allow the use of diagrams or images in your hinge-point question (optional)

The FutureLearn peer review assignment mechanism currently only allows text-based submission. But we all know how often diagrams or images are used in the teaching and assessment of STEM subjects.

Please consider this step optional - but if you’d like a way of using a diagram or image in your hinge-point question (HPQ) on the next step then read on.

The recipe below (also shown in the video above) allows you to insert a diagram or image into an HPQ. You submit the HPQ on the next step by first sharing any associated diagram or image via a Padlet Wall created for the purpose.

Here is some introductory advice on Padlet from FutureLearn - though note that the Padlet Wall below does not need a password.

You can, of course, share such assets using other internet services - the key is being able to copy and paste a URL to a diagram or image that is openly available to others.

Here’s how to do this with Padlet:

  1. Create your HPQ - text and image - using whatever tools or applications are handiest for you. Hand drawn and then scanned or photographed is just fine - but export any image as PNG (or JPG) before uploading to Padlet. If you use Powerpoint or similar then it is best to export any image as PNG (or JPG) before uploading to Padlet.
  2. Share your image by making a Post on this Padlet Wall. If you are not going to register for Padlet, add your name to anything you create. That way your work will still have your name, even if you did not register.
  3. Once you have made a Padlet Post on the Padlet Wall you can, if you follow the steps in the sequence below, copy-and-paste the URL of the Padlet Post into your peer review submission by a single click on the image component of the Padlet Post to reveal the URL (see the video on this step for more information).


Padlet Help1


Padlet Help2


Padlet Help3


Padlet Help4

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