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Optional resources - Week 5

Some resources to complement this week. Most of them can be found on the National STEM Learning Centre website.

Electric circuits

Dr Phil Scott believes it is important to find out about what children know about an electric circuit before any effective teaching can take place. He outlines some basic misconceptions and sets children a challenge to test what they know. One of his favourites is ‘the big circuit’, an experiment using a simple battery and a bulb set up with much longer wires than usual.

POE formative assessment

This is an example of a formative assessment probe, which can be used to expose students’ preconceptions; encourage evidence-based explanations, talk, and argument; and monitor students’ progress in achieving conceptual understanding. Combined with various formative assessment classroom techniques (FACTs), probes not only assess where students are conceptually, they also promote learning and inform effective teaching.

Thinking about Learning

An extensive secondary maths resource which covers questioning, discussion, using misconceptions, assessment and meeting the needs of all learners

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