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Project Enthuse
Project Enthuse

ENTHUSE Celebration Awards

The ENTHUSE Celebration Awards recognise the impact of CPD across all STEM subjects, and across the entire STEM Learning network.

The awards are presented each year to celebrate the impact that teachers, technicians and support staff have on students, colleagues, schools, colleges and peers. Successful applicants, whether individuals or institutions, enrich STEM subjects within the institution, and extend the impact of their work into wider communities.

Completion of the Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching course counts as just over three-and-a-half days of CPD (five days over the last 12 months is one of the qualifying criteria). If you’ve recently completed any of the companion courses in the STEM Teaching Program then you will easily have over five days of CPD under your belt!

You are able to nominate yourself or a colleague. Applications are open until 5 March 2017 so you will need move fast!

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