Are you learning as part of a group?

This is one of our most gratifying images - it dates from the first run of this course in Spring 2015 (northern hemisphere).

It shows Laura and colleagues discussing the key elements of hinge-point questions (in perhaps a slightly chilly southern hemisphere winter classroom). We’ll get to hinge-point questions later in the course!

We’re aware that some learners take the course together in their own self-organised study groups or as a teaching team. You can use the course to help structure discussions offline and support your professional development as a group.

Get in touch

If you are taking the course as a pair or in such a group then we’d love to hear how you set it up and how you are getting on. Please use the Comments on this page to share your experiences. If you’d also be happy to have a conversation with us, including finding out about how you can contribute to the STEM Learning blog with your experience, then get in touch via We have a case study template that will help you, and us, reflect on the way groups of teachers have engaged the course together.

Please do follow each other but remember it is against the FutureLearn terms and conditions to share email or telephone details via the discussions. You may share your Twitter handle though.

One approach, if you have a school, college or department emailing list, is to send everyone your FutureLearn profile URL (go top right, click on “Your Account” and then go “Your profile”) - it then becomes easy for someone else to follow you. Note that your profile page settings may require another user to login to FutureLearn before they can access it.

The following guide will help you follow your colleagues and make it easier to keep track of your participation as a group on the course.

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