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Dr Michiel Wagemakers, the neurosurgeon
Dr Michiel Wagemakers, the neurosurgeon

Meet the neurosurgeon

As we just learned, this week will be mostly concerned with preparation of an awake surgery in the hospital. So now it is time to have a closer look at our clinical team, starting with Dr Michiel Wagemakers. He is a neurosurgeon at the UMCG in Groningen and performs the awake brain surgeries in this hospital.

This includes consulting the patients pre- and post-operatively, participating in multidisciplinary meetings to discuss patient diagnosis and treatment, and, of course, performing the operations.

He has been working as a neurosurgeon for more than 16 years and is involved in teaching as well.

You have already met him in the introduction videos in Week 1. He will be guiding you through some more material in the next 2 weeks, and you will have the chance to see him perform an awake brain surgery in the video clips we have for you.

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