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Student at the University of Groningen
Student at the University of Groningen

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Before we dive into the content of the last week and the exciting new developments in the field, we want to express our joy about the enthusiasm and great work we have received from you, the participants!

Those of you that tried did a great job designing your own little subtest and reporting on piloting it. We were amazed by the detail and variety of the answers.

In an innovative field that LTABS is, we are happy for each and every comment. It stresses the need to work on language tests in the various languages and how each language has its unique characteristics that deserve their own version of a test.

We hope you have not only deepened your understanding of the parameters of a good test and how necessary thorough (pre-)testing is, but also nurtured your interest in the field!

If you feel like pursuing this kind of research and clinical application in more than an online course, google the possibilities of studying clinical linguistics in your country or abroad. In the final step of the course, we will give you a bit of an introduction to what the University of Groningen can offer in this regard.

Once again, we would like to thank all of you for the terrific participation in the big assignment! Keep working like this!

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Language Testing During Awake Brain Surgery

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