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By now you are familiar with the essential tools of Artemis. However, there is room for more learning!

In the following steps we will reinforce the learning we have done so far and introduce some new tools in Artemis. For this task, we will use the same genome files we have used so far: S_typhi.dna for the DNA sequence and S_typhi.tab for the annotation.

To get started, load these two files into Artemis and by a method of your choice go to the region from bases 2188349 to 2199512 on the DNA sequence. This region is bordered by the fbaB gene. The region you arrive at should look similar to that shown below (maybe you will have to use the zoom sliders?).


Can you find out from the annotation provided, what the predicted function of the fbaB gene product is?

Whatever is shown in the built-in annotation corresponds to the original annotation and it may be restricted by what can be submitted to the EMBL database.

In the comments area, discuss other bioinformatic options or sources of information that can be used to find more about this protein. Explore one of those options and discuss whether the external source holds more, less or the same information.

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