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Automated external defibrillators

AEDs are gaining increasing public awareness through a number of high profile cases where they have saved lives (see links below). But what are they, where would you find them and how are they used?

What is an AED?

• An electrical device that aims to restart a stopped heart

• It works by delivering a shock to the casualty

Where can I find an AED?

o Certain shops e.g. pharmacies

o Shopping centres

o Train stations

o Airports

• If you need an AED, make sure to ask!

How do I use an AED?

• You do not need any prior experience to operate an AED

• AED’s guide the user through each step via visual and/or audible prompts

• Each AED has two shock pads: these must be placed on the chest at the areas shown on them

• Make sure to STAND WELL AWAY from the casualty when shocking them

In the subsequent video you will see CPR and an AED in action!

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