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This content is taken from the Coventry University & Institute of Coding's online course, Automotive Cyber Security: An Introduction. Join the course to learn more.

Introduction to the course

Welcome to this short course on Automotive Cyber Security: An Introduction.

In this course, you will learn the history of the automotive industry and will explore potential weaknesses in modern vehicles that could lead to automotive cyber attacks. You will look at the vulnerabilities and techniques that exist which make it possible to hack a vehicle.

This is the introductory two-week course for the program in Automotive Cyber Security, which forms part of the MSc Cyber Security online degree at Coventry University, delivered on FutureLearn.

This 10-week program is made up of five two-week courses, followed by an additional period to submit your assessment, details of which can be found on the assessment tab of the program page. The program page also gives you access to live tutorials, student support sessions and further study resources and services.

This week

Through this week’s activities you will explore:

  • Basic concepts underpinning automotive cyber security
  • Vehicle attack surfaces
  • Types of automotive cyber attacks
  • The famous Jeep Cherokee attack and other real-world case studies

Meet the team

Your lead educator is Yasir Imtiaz Khan from Coventry University. You can follow your lead educator by selecting the link to their FutureLearn profile page and selecting ‘follow’. That way, you’ll be able to see all the comments that they make.

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Automotive Cyber Security: An Introduction

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