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Test your prior knowledge

The questions below indicate the knowledge and understanding we expect you to have to get the most out of this course.

If you are unable to answer some of the questions, we recommend that you conduct some independent research to develop your understanding of cyber security so that you can better participate in the tasks, discussions and activities that are present throughout this program.

You do not need to share your answers with your peers or lead educators. Have a go at answering these in your learning log as a personal reflective task.

  • What is the difference between vulnerability and threat?
  • What are the requirements to compromise a device?
  • What does root credential mean?
  • What does reconnaissance mean?
  • What is misconfiguration (security)?
  • What is port scanning? Can you name a few tools?
  • How can we assess any system security?
  • What is penetration testing?
  • Why is data backup a basic requirement?
  • How can malware get access into a system?
  • What do we mean by vehicle-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-infrastructure communication?

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Automotive Cyber Security: An Introduction

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