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Who is the educator?


My name is Anna Darmani, and I will be your educator during this course. Before we dig into the content, let me introduce myself shortly.

I hold bachelor and master degrees in Industrial Engineering, and a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Economic and management from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). During my Ph.D. research, I investigated the development of renewable energy technologies and examined why a similar policy framework leads to different outcomes in different EU countries. My research has resulted in several policy and industry recommendations on how to accelerate the energy transition in Europe.

I am currently working as an energy system analyst at InnoEnergy. I am responsible for several EU projects in the area of energy policy and technology innovation. In particular, I am engaged in roadmapping energy technologies with a high potential in the future European energy market. In recent years, I have paid significant attention to battery storage considering the promises behind these technologies. Some of the outcomes of my work include roadmap and innovation readiness assessment reports for battery technologies and policy reports highlighting the actions that can boost the battery market in Europe. Given my experience and knowledge background, I am engaged in the organization and planning of the European Battery Alliance which aims to develop an innovative, sustainable and competitive battery ‘’ecosystem’’ in Europe. The European Battery Alliance could enable Europe to capture a potential battery market of up to €250 billion a year from 2025 onwards.

What you’re going to discover this week

During this first week of the course, I will be introducing you to the current state of the electricity market which is at a crucial turning point and in need of more flexibility to achieve the energy transition. What is the role Energy storage can and will play? We will explore different possible flexibility options in the electricity market and how the time for battery storage has come!

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Battery Storage Technology: Opportunities and Uses

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