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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds So learning from professional networks is particularly interesting because it gives us the opportunity to have tailor-made knowledge. We can ask a specific question about our context, about our own challenges, and somebody else with similar experience or ideas about this, can give us specific answers to our questions. We could also of course do some research into a book. But that is also very interesting, but it is not specifically addressing our own question. So I think for me, that is the most interesting thing. It is knowledge and advice which is adapted to our needs.

Personalised solutions for personal needs

Rustom talks about how communities of practice can provide tailor-made solutions to our needs.

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  • Post a question about a difficulty you are currently facing in your teaching context OR post an insight or idea you have used that has worked with your learners.

Now read what others have written and respond to someone else’s question.

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