Skip to 0 minutes and 17 secondsWe've already learned a lot. We started out with data structures and variables, and then we went into conditionals. We looked at arrays of variables as well, and looping. Well, these just small building blocks that we have. We have to put them together somehow. And that's what we do when we're looking at algorithms. Algorithms is a way of looking at how can we solve a problem, how can we, using small steps, go through and find the way forward? It's a recipe, so to speak. We use these so that we can start creating programmes using the things that we already learned and solve these complex problems.

Skip to 0 minutes and 59 secondsThis week we'll look at that, and we'll give you some problems that you should try and solve so that you get an understanding of how we can use these small building blocks to solve complex problems.

Welcome to Week 4

In this video we’ll cover the basics of this week’s topic – algorithms. We’ll bring together all of the constructs you’ve had a go at so far, and find out how algorithms can be used to solve complex problems.

This week you’ll be working with version 5 of the game code. You can follow the steps used in previous weeks to get the code into your workspace. If you need a reminder, you can refer back to the Setting up your code guide, but remember to substitute ‘’ for ‘’ referred to in the instructions.

Don’t forget that you can also revisit the glossary to help you understand any new words and phrases you may come across in the course.

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