Multiple ERICs
Multiple ERICs

What do you call a gathering of robots? Your feedback so far!

It’s been great to see so many of you sharing your ideas for what to call a gathering of robots in Week 1. We’re gathering suggestions made before 17:00 GMT Sunday 29 January, and will put together a short poll where we ask you to vote for your favourite, out of the five most popular collective nouns.

We’ll add this poll to this Step on Monday 30 January, where you can find out if your idea or favourite made it into the top five.

We’ll be closing the poll on Sunday 5 February and will announce the winner in Week 4 on Monday 6 February.

Update 30/01/17

Thank you for the many suggestions we received from you all in Step 1.1 on what to call a gathering of robots. Please use this survey to vote for your favourite from a list we’ve compiled of the five most popular suggestions. The poll will stay open until 5pm (GMT) Sunday 5 February. We will announce the winner at the start of Week 4, Monday 6 February.

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