Skip to 0 minutes and 2 secondsIn Week 5 you will find a link to our high performance computer at the University of Ljubljana. If you have good enough performance in Weeks 1 to 5 you will be granted access to a subcluster where Hadoop, RStudio and RHadoop are installed.

Skip to 0 minutes and 24 secondsHere you will be able to perform real big data analyses with R and Hadoop.

RHadoop on real HPC

This is actually a motivating video. All learners that will demonstrate activities in weeks 1-3 will get in week 4 possibility to login the HPC provided by University of Ljubljana.

We prepared a special cluster with Hadoop, RStudio and RHadoop to perform big data analyses in real environment.

On this cluster you will be able to run again the test examples from weeks 3-5. Furthermore, much bigger data sets will be available and you will be able to do really BIG DATA analyses.

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Managing Big Data with R and Hadoop

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