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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds As a Chartered Surveying Company continued professional development is built in by standard. We have to keep learning, we have to keep doing this chartered surveyors. The flip side to that is to have an integrated management system accredited as we do we also have to have a continual improvement system built into that so every year the individuals and the company is audited against what have we learned, how are we offering new skills to the market place. The training for Seven Partnership needed throughout the organisation to deliver was on multiple levels.

Skip to 0 minutes and 41 seconds On the sales team the marketing team what was promised, and the survey team is to the level of 3D data they need to generate to feed the modelling team, and the modelling team have to put together a building information model from the ground up, and then getting that accredited through BSI accreditation to reach our BIM level two level. Once we’ve done that we then have to educate the client in terms to what to ask for on a project to make sure that they hit the deliverables they need fit for purpose. So we manage our continual professional development through a free approach strategy where everybody is given awareness training across the board that’s mandated for everybody to attend.

Skip to 1 minute and 21 seconds Then we have training on the project so just in time training for, for that team, what BIM or what digital means for them, and then we have discipline based training which is software specific for estimators or for Design Managers somebody like that and that’s been run centrally across our group.

Skip to 1 minute and 46 seconds One of the key experiences that we’ve only really realised now is that a lot of the software that we have been asking our internal teams to use has been too complex for them to easily to take on board, but we can train them to use and how this works for example, another application but six months later when they need to use it again on the next project they’ve forgotten how, so we are trying, always trying to find something that’s going to make their lives easier and make it simpler for them to start using.

Management of continuous professional development

Watch the video of Nick Blenhorn from Severn Partnership and Chris Johnston from Willmott Dixon talking about their own approaches to implementing training within their organisations.

What strategies did both experts talk about in terms of ensuring that their teams were engaged with training opportunities?

Your task

Make notes to answer the following questions about the importance of Continuous Professional Development (CPD):

  • What resources and training providers have you experienced?

  • How would you implement a training setup for your team to build a community of BIM practice?

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