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Please introduce yourself

Now you’ve had a chance to meet us please take the opportunity to introduce yourselves using the comment section below.

You can post your own comments, and reply to the comments from others. Talking about ideas linked to the course is a really great way to learn and consolidate information, so give it a go - if you find it daunting to begin with then you will soon find out that we are all here to learn together!

To introduce yourself, think about telling everyone what prompted you to enrol on this course. Are you definitely hoping to study biochemistry at some level or have you just signed up out of curiosity? Have you had experience of learning on these types of online courses before and, if you have, do you have any tips for others?

Please use the discussion section below to meet your course-mates - and note that you will find similar sections at the end of each step in the course. In the discussion sections in this course, you can ‘like’ comments that you find helpful or interesting. You can also filter or sort comments by ‘most liked’: this orders comments in a thread by the number of likes, with the highest scoring at the top of the list.

As educators we won’t be able to respond to every post, which is why it will be really great if you feel confident enough to reply to comments from other learners. We will read as many comments as we can and we’ll try to respond to any questions you have, so feel free to post them on the comments threads.

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