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Skip to 0 minutes and 14 seconds To have information on that there is the GWAS catalogue in which you can see thousands of cases in which they have been worked out and today we already have maps of genetic diseases, maps of the genome with the susceptibility genes and the genetic of complex traits is a field in which people still are trying to discover a new places in the genome and, what is more important to understand, these places in the genome, how they are related to the disease because if these regions exist means that the genes in this regions they have to have some connection to the physiology of the specific disease. To which extent the genetic of complex traits is properly solve today?

Skip to 1 minute and 10 seconds We have to recognize that only partially because we have many cases in which we have the susceptibility, we have several genes in some cases quite a lot of genes related to that, but in many cases, we still are not able to explain properly the heritability that we know exists. For example, we have cases…, maybe the best know is the genetic of diabetes mellitus type 2 2 in which there is a list of genes.

Skip to 1 minute and 46 seconds Some of them are very interesting because people didn’t know these genes were related to the etiology of the disease but now we know they are, meaning that every time in the future what we have to do is to keep on developing this kind of studies but there is a need to understand much better the physiology of the disease and how the genes that people are being discovering are related physiologically to the disease. So, this is a field ongoing. There are still important parts of the genetic bases of complex characteristics still to be understood.

How we know there is a heritability? Part 4

When we try to understand genetic diseases, we see that they often do not follow a single mode of inheritance.

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