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A 21st century career

Science is catching up with fiction. Bionic limbs give amputees the freedom of movement, revolutionary cell treatments allow a paralysed man to walk, and bionic eyes can assist in restoring vision. This is the life of a biofabricator; a career so new that the job description has only just been written! The concepts, printers, and medical solutions are all new and the word is getting out regarding the medical solutions that bioprinting and biofabrication can supply to medicine. A career in biofabrication requires a unique set of technical skills including: materials, mechatronics, biology, chemistry and clinical science.

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The Graduate Certificate in Biofabrication has been created to equip the up and coming generation with the unique skills required for a 21st century career in biomedical engineering.

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Bioprinting: 3D Printing Body Parts

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