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3D modelling activity: OPTIONAL

This optional task is for those who have access to 3D modelling software that can open an stl extension file. It is not part of the formal course and will in no way impede your progress if you do not participate.

We have provided you with an .stl file that represents a human arm. You can find this DESIGN FILE in the DOWNLOADS area below.

We want you to use your 3D modelling software to open an .stl file and develop a cast for this arm. Look for existing examples of custom manufactured casts. Consider where strength is most needed in the cast and consider aesthetic possibilities.

Once you have designed your cast please export as a .jpeg and upload your design to our Padlet Wall to share with your fellow students.

Click on the Padlet help link for help using Padlet.

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Bioprinting: 3D Printing Body Parts

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