Skip to 0 minutes and 12 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: Okay [COMPUTER CHIMES] Call me if anything changes. Bye. [PHONE RINGS]

Skip to 0 minutes and 27 seconds"Truth. The disease is spreading, and no one's doing anything about it. So many deaths-- make a profit. Where does the University of Mendona stand? It will all become clear very--"

Skip to 0 minutes and 40 secondsCOWORKER: Alex, what's going on out there? What the hell is SARI?

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: I'm working on it.

Skip to 0 minutes and 43 secondsCOWORKER: My wife is sick.

Skip to 0 minutes and 45 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: I'm working on it.

Skip to 0 minutes and 45 secondsCOWORKER: She's in quarantine.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: Sorry, mate.

Skip to 0 minutes and 53 seconds[PHONE RINGS] [ELEVATOR DINGS]

Skip to 0 minutes and 58 secondsMARA TSONI: Flat white with one.

Skip to 1 minute and 0 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: I've stopped taking sugar.

Skip to 1 minute and 1 secondMARA TSONI: Sorry.

Skip to 1 minute and 2 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: Oh, it's fine. Actually, I could use the energy.

Skip to 1 minute and 5 secondsMARA TSONI: The department are considering a full quarantine if it continues to grow, which looks likely.

Skip to 1 minute and 9 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: None of these groups are known for chemical warfare. We've got guns, knives, acid--

Skip to 1 minute and 13 secondsLUCY: Sorry, Alex.

Skip to 1 minute and 14 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: Don't start with sorry.

Skip to 1 minute and 15 secondsLUCY: Sorry. Umm, we're having trouble finding the owner of that blog. He's either going through a router or high tech encryption. We'll keep looking, but I--

Skip to 1 minute and 21 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: Sure, sure. We're the counter-terrorism unit, and we can't even crack a conspiracy theorist website? Nobody kills 100 people just to kill 100 people. You do it to send a message. You do it to make a point.

Skip to 1 minute and 34 secondsMARA TSONI: Well, maybe they're waiting for the body count to grow. Pandemics are big business-- money, fame, prestige.

Skip to 1 minute and 39 secondsALEX PAPOULIAS: What do you know about the University of Mendona?

Skip to 1 minute and 42 secondsMARA TSONI: Well, it's a university. They don't deal with this kind of thing. Plus, it's government funded. Super regulated. [SOBBING]

Pandemic chapter 2

Insider threats refer to legitimate workers who have access to dangerous pathogens such as laboratory workers who perform an illegal or unethical action to disseminate a pathogen to cause harm to others. One important question is how can you prevent insider threats? Governance of microbiology laboratories is important as well as insuring limiting physical access to pathogens by unauthorised personnel, observing behaviours of individual workers that might signal problematic intentions as well as establishing work practices that may prevent insider threats such as having workers conducts routine activities in pairs.

This video highlights the possibility that the outbreak was initiated by a laboratory worker who may have had access to dangerous pathogens. Because there are some unusual features of the outbreak seen in the video, it is important to confirm the cause of the infection, the dynamics of the infection such as the case fatality rate and to think about control measure that might limit the spread of infection.

Health authorities need to know how to work with the media to ensure that the public, receives accurate and timely information and instructions to prevent panic, and to give people practical measures that they can use to protect themselves and their families.

Health authorities also need to have systems in place to identify the disease outbreak and guidelines and procedures for managing and responding to various outbreaks scenarios.

After watching this episode of Pandemic, please discuss the following questions in the comments section below

  • How would a bioterrorism event be recognised?
  • Who are the first responders in a bioterrorism event?

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