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Poster for iGEM advertising biosecurity escape games
Biosecure escape games poster for IGEM

New biosecurity/biosafety themed adventure games!

In October/November 2019, Biosecure Ltd attended the iGEM Giant Jamboree to raise awareness of biosecurity issues among the synthetic biology teams taking part in the competition.

These games are free to download to play at home and in the lab, either by yourself or with your friends. Some of the games were developed with the close collaboration of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation WMD Directorate and the International Federation of Biosafety Associations.

The games remain a work-in-progress and we encourage your comments and feedback to help improve them. So, please, try them out and contact us at kathryn@biosecu.re to let us know how you get on, what we can improve, and also to send us your own games if you’ve made some. We encourage you to use and adapt the games for your purposes - it’s lots of fun!

The games and their solutions are downloadable from the related articles section of this activity. Two of the games are also available on a dedicated website at: https://kathrynmcl6.wixsite.com/nextgenbiosecurity.

Happy playing!

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