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The relevance of the collection to the 21st century

In the videos that follow, we speak to three institutions / groups about what it was like to experience the Birmingham Qur’an and other Mingana collection manuscripts. They talk about the community work that has been associated with their involvement with the project and its significance.

When watching the videos consider these points:

  • What was the motivation for these people / institutions to get involved with the Birmingham Qur’an project?
  • Think about the effect that exposure to, and working with, the Birmingham Qur’an and other historical manuscripts has had on these community groups and institutions
  • Why is it important that local communities feel involved in projects like this?
  • What might the longer term impact of this project be?
  • What has the Cadbury Research Library itself gained from the community work it has undertaken on this project?

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The Birmingham Qur'an: Its Journey from the Islamic Heartlands

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