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End of Week 1

That’s the end of Week 1 — hopefully you’ve enjoyed and learned from our challenges and articles.

So far, we’ve looked at why and when you should transition learners from block- to text-based language and at some of the challenges a learner can face. Moreover, you had an opportunity to discuss how you might begin introducing Python in your classroom. You should now have an understanding of some of the parallels and differences between the syntax of Scratch and Python, and you’ve also had a chance to translate some simple scripts from one language to another.

Next week you’re going to have a chance to play with some more complicated programs, and to again try translating scripts between the two languages. You’ll also get the chance to learn about errors that can stop your programs from running, and you’ll find out tips for debugging your programs.

How do you feel about the progress you have made so far? What have been your highs and lows in this week’s lessons?

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