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No programmer knows all the features of the language they are using. What they do know, however, is where to go to find answers to the questions they have. Let’s look at where you can go to get answers to the questions you might have about Python.

You’ve had a look at one such resource already: StackOverflow. You’d be surprised by the number of professional programmers that use this site every single day, helping them to find answers to questions they have that others have already answered.

Another great source of information about a language’s features is the official documentation. In fact, you already had a look at it when you were learning about string methods in the previous section.

You can find the documentation for Python 3 at docs.python.org. The tutorial section of that website is excellent for finding examples of code that you might need. Moreover, the Language and Library references become more useful as you become more proficient.

  • It’s always a good idea to show your students the documentation, as it will help them to develop as independent learners and discover new features themselves.
  • Encourage your learners to search for answers in the documentation, on StackOverflow, and using a search engine before they raise their hand to ask you.

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