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Skip to 0 minutes and 18 seconds Share & Charge. Laura speaking. Hi Laura. My name is Leo. I’m doing a short documentary on blockchain for energy and I was wondering whether I could have an interview with you and the CEO of Share & Charge. Do you think that would be possible? Yes of course! It’s great! We have a free slot this afternoon at our office in Essen That’s great. I think I can get there by three, is that okay? Yes. Thank you. Ok. See you then. Bye.

Skip to 1 minute and 46 seconds So Laura can you explain this Share & Charge thing? What is it about? Share & Charge is actually an app that tries to solve the problem of range anxiety of electric car drivers, by making private charging stations, as well as public charging stations available to everybody. Do you think this solution answers a real need? Basically solves the problem of range anxiety and the lack of public charging infrastructure by giving people the chance to register their private charging stations to our app. I will just take the example of you and me. You, having an E-car and me having a charging station. I could just simply set up a tariff of my charging station. I could register it.

Skip to 2 minutes and 38 seconds I could decide that I want to give you a family and friends tariff, or I would allow you to charge for free a charging station and I would give the general community the ability to charge, for instance, for 1,50€ per hour. The other good part about it is that, when you’re taking the charging station market in Germany currently, the main part that is available to chargers or Eco-drivers is actually public charging infrastructure. We know that around 90% of the E-car drivers also have a charging station at home, but if like for instance 10% of these private charging station are being shared with others, the infrastructure in Germany is already double.

Skip to 3 minutes and 23 seconds Basically we’re trying to solve the problem, as I said, of the lack of public charging infrastructure by making private ones available, and therefore giving people the chance, on the one hand of course, to earn some money on the investment on the charging station back, but also to boost e-mobility themselves because emobilists are kind of that way. The government also organizes charging stations, electricity producers do that. How do you see that? We are a network for all kinds of charging stations, so even the charging stations of energy Innogy, or E.on, of energy providers, or of car dealers, or from car manufacturers, can be on board on our system. You’re a marketer.

Skip to 4 minutes and 14 seconds How do you go about commercializing this, bringing this to the market? We are actually… Since we’re start-up, we had to try some unconventional ways. In Hilden there’s a little e-mobility meet up. Every Saturday emobilists are coming there, exchanging about the current status of e-mobility. In our early days we were just trying to get in touch with the ecosystem, so they were actually our touch point for the ecosystem. We were kind of asking them for continuous feedback during the app development. And from a marketing perspective, I am trying to get even more in contact with ecosystems, so what I do a lot is community management.

Skip to 5 minutes and 6 seconds I’m doing lots of conversations on Facebook where people who are for instance discussing about how… “I do have my charging station here and it’s actually not used. Why did nobody invent that?” And I’m trying to jump into these conversations, making people aware. I think, especially in such a small group, you can easily get in touch with these people and engage with them. Because it’s a small community and they’ve had difficult times. Some of them are really early adopters and they had lots of discomforts being early adopters. I think it’s an important to value their opinion. Maybe they’re even doing mouth-to-mouth communication for us. Which difficulties did you come across while developing this Share & Charge solution?

Skip to 6 minutes and 5 seconds I think there are several sides, and several points that were difficult for us. On the first-hand, it’s that blockchain technology, as well as the e-mobility market itself, it’s pretty new. Actually when you are looking into regulations for blockchain, as well as regulations for e-mobility, you’re always coming into points, or tipping point where you see only Grey zones, and meanwhile you try to make decisions not knowing if maybe in two years you are not stepping into a Grey zone, but on to a problem area, any more.

Skip to 6 minutes and 41 seconds That really was a difficulty for us because you’re trying to do decisions and you don’t know how the government will regulate these zones. It’s really difficult to find the important players in the field and also to kind of have a good setting ourselves. Is privacy an issue?

Skip to 7 minutes and 8 seconds Of course, on the one hand, data privacy is always an issue, especially in Germany, as Germany is regulating it toughly. Even though the transactions on the blockchain are actually hidden, people could, with a certain amount of effort, found out that you for instance, if you are using our app, have on this day charge there, on this day charged here and the next charged in Amsterdam for instance. That, of course, this ability to follow people can make things difficult. So we’re trying to solve this problem with our app interface at certain points. - Thank you very much Laura. - You’re welcome. - Good luck. - Thank you.

Use case: Share & Charge

In this first video of the activity you’ll meet Laura Hofstedde, Marketing and communications manager of MotionWerk, the company that developed the Share & Charge product.

She will explain what the product is about and tell us about the actual needs that being satisfied. She will also describe how the product works and the competitive environment it operates within.

Finally, you will also find out how the product is brought to the market and how the ecosystem is used in marketing the solution.

Enjoy and share your impressions on the marketing strategy that Share & Charge is following!

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