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Welcome to Week 1

Digital currencies are one of the biggest and most notorious phenomenon of the decade. In a record breaking time, an entire market with 122 billion $ volume has appeared, and its movements affect decision makers all around the world.

During this week, we will trace their origins back to their core, and understand the technology that made it possible: blockchain.

We will follow the steps that a group of users need to follow in order to create a blockchain, and we will join them while they overcome all the obstacles that they find in their way. We will talk about economics, technology and politics, all of them vital in order to understand the geopolitical context that motivated the sprouting of these currencies.

From the first digital currency, to experimental new blockchain protocols, we’ll see how blockchain technology went from a promising concept to an unstoppable force that has changed the financial sector forever, and will soon redefine many other fields of application.

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Blockchain in the Energy Sector

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