Skip to 0 minutes and 1 secondSkittles believe everything is a little better with a bit more colour and flavour. So they asked us to look at their fans' lives on Facebook, and figure out a way to enhance, or rainbowfy, them. What was the Facebook thing they loved using most? The status update. So our plan was to take this everyday activity, and add a heap of rainbow power to it. We are supercharging your updates with 400 million watts of pure rainbow power.

Skip to 0 minutes and 30 secondsWe started teasing the concept in busy city centres: Gemma Atkins is on the slowest bus in the universe. Then we built a machine. Part real life, fully staffed call centre, part hi-tech online conveyor belt, part automated film and broadcast station, part absurd experiment. The world's first real-time filmmaking factory. Then we handed control of it over to our fans for two whole weeks. We called it The Super Mega Rainbow Updater. Our fans just had to type in their update as before, but now it would get sent to the call centre. Our staff would record it as a film, and send it back to their wall in mere minutes. Andrew Bloom is eating a ham sandwich.

Skip to 1 minute and 16 secondsNow any update, even the most mundane, had fun and colour settings turned up to maximum. Ian Tweedle woke up this morning and had some breakfast in his kitchen. The Skittles fans certainly took to it. Some used it for real updates. Some used it to get married. These past nine years have been great. Will you marry me? And some just totally messed with it. The first rule of Fight Club is, you cannot talk about Fight Club. With each fan's Super Mega Rainbow Update potentially being seen by all of their friends, the reach was vast. And the call centre staff worked night and day to handle the demand.

Skip to 2 minutes and 3 secondsA voting system, library, and YouTube channel were set up to guarantee the best updates would get seen by as many people as possible. They even made an epic oil painting of the author of the most voted for update. Here's your painting. In just two weeks, 21,000 Super Mega Rainbow Updates were created. When the call centre closed, people begged us to keep it open. By now, Skittles UK had 800,000 new fans, taking the total to nearly 2 million. With 1 in every 5 Facebook fan interactions leading to 1 pack of Skittles being sold, our clients confirmed that sales went up almost 30% during the campaign period. All this from taking something everyday and adding a little colour and fun to it.

Rags to riches

Agency: TBWA/London / Client: Wrigley
Yellow Pencil / Direct / 2011

Rags to Riches Recap
At the beginning, our hero is insignificant and dismissed by others, but something happens to elevate them, revealing them to be exceptional.

Two Minute Task
While you’re watching the video, think about the following:

  • Who is the ‘hero’ in this story?
  • How has the use of platform (Facebook) affected the narrative?
  • How do you think this story represents the brand?
  • What other examples can you think of that use this archetype?

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