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Meet the team

Meet the team

The D&AD team will be on hand for the next four weeks, guiding you through the course. You can follow us by clicking through to our profiles below.

Paul Drake
Paul is the Director of the D&AD Foundation, which exists to inspire the next generation of creative talent, promote diversity, and stimulate the creative industry to work towards a fairer more sustainable future.
Prior to D&AD, Paul held senior positions at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and was an advisor to the Government about how education and skills can drive the economy. Much of this activity focused on enterprise and the creative industries.

Hilary Chittenden
Hilary works as Foundation Manager at D&AD, where she designs, develops and delivers the Foundation’s learning programmes. Hilary came to D&AD from the RSA where she was involved in projects that celebrated the power of design for social good.

To ensure this course is aligned with industry practice, we’ve pulled together a team of creative experts from all corners of the advertising world. They’ve spilled their storytelling secrets especially for you, providing inspirational content and top tips across the next four weeks. Here you can find out a bit about them, and why they are so passionate about storytelling.

Gary Hoff

“Surfacing the rich narrative that runs through a creative idea into digital touch points can not only inform and amplify that concept but start to make the user part of that story itself. People instantly connect with great stories, they remember them and repeat them.”

Gary is the Executive Creative Director at Grampy, a London-based Digital Innovation company. He has worked in digital design almost as long as there’s been digital design, creating user experience at Apple, SapientNitro and AMV BBDO and winning many awards along the way.

Andy Orrick

“Great story is of course the backbone of the creative industries, but it’s also the backbone of many different industries, from law, to journalism, to politics, and beyond, so getting good at it is just a useful life-skill - you’ll be the one people want to sit next to at dinner parties.”

Andy is Chief of Stuff at Rattling Stick where he oversees the company’s original and branded content output. He is also a founding partner of editorial brand, Saints of Somewhere. Prior to joining Rattling Stick, Andy was The Mill Digital Co-Founder and Virgin Records’ Video Commissioner. Much of what Andy has written for this course is inspired by a talk he gave at AdWeek for the APA.

Al MacCuish

“Storytelling is as instinctive as walking upright and opposable thumbs. Learning and appreciating the basic building blocks of how story works - and why - is fundamental to working in the communications industry.”

Al is an industry-acclaimed, award-winning creative and author. Prior to co-founding Sunshine he was Creative Director and Head of Entertainment at Mother. Al’s children’s book ‘Operation Alphabet’ was recently voted as one of the top 100 children’s books of all time by the Daily Telegraph.

Alongside Gary, Andy and Al, guest industry experts will be sharing top tips and inspiration around storytelling. You’ll meet them in more detail throughout the course, but expect to hear from:

Aidan McClure & Laurent Simon Creative Directors, adam&eveDDB
Sir Alan Parker Writer, Director, Producer
Ben Tricklebank Director
Daianna Karaian Founder & Chief Executive, Thoughtful
Dan Germain Head of Creative, innocent
Jon Kallus Creative Director, Grey London
Kai-Lu Hsiung Managing Director, RSA Films
Peter Souter Chairman & Chief Creative Office, TBWA London
Valentina Culatti Managing Director, UNIT9
Will Awdry Creative Director, Big Fish Design

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Storytelling in Advertising


Course highlights Get a taste of this course before you join:

  • Storytelling: everything and nothing has changed
    Storytelling: everything and nothing has changed

    Al MacCuish reflects on the art of storytelling, from cave painting to writing and film. Has anything really changed? How is story relevant today?

  • A career in stories
    A career in stories

    Spanning both the small and big screen, Sir Alan Parker reflects on his career in storytelling, from how he became a director to borrowing references.

  • The seven story archetypes
    The seven story archetypes

    Can all stories be defined by archetypes? Here, we outline Christopher Brooker's theory of the seven basic plots.

  • Harnessing the power of brand storytelling
    Harnessing the power of brand storytelling

    Al MacCuish looks at how the seven plot types can be applied to brands. How can a narrative help communicate what a brand wants to say about the world

  • Know your audience: simplify your message
    Know your audience: simplify your message

    Jon Kallus, Creative Director at Grey London, believes that truth is the key to communicating quickly and effectively with your audience.